Name: Achinivu Okorafor

Company: Opoto Design Limited

Topic: Manufacturing interior furniture parts:

Conceptualizing Design


Is the Creative Director of Opoto Design Limited, a firm that has focused on retail and hospitality design for over 15 years. He has established a diverse portfolio of successful and award-winning projects and has had commissions that include leading hotels like Transcorp Hotels Limited and various hospitality and top end international retail outlets. A mostly self-taught designer, had a stint with Rodec International UK and various CPD courses at KLC school of design, Chelsea Harbour UK. A past chairman education committee of the Interior Designers Association of Nigeria Abuja Chapter.

Over the years Achinivu has been in the fore of contemporary ethnic African design expressions in furniture and design development, earning Opoto Design bespoke commissions and brand-strengthening design experiences that evoke a distinct sense of place, for hospitality and retail spaces, blurring the lines between furniture and art.

He acquired digital publishing, graphic and website design experience at Digital Publishing Networks Ltd after graduating in 1995 from the University of Calabar with a B.Sc. Economics. Worked as consultant in setting up Non-Governmental Organizations, attracted foreign funding for community empowerment programs and has created partnerships with Government Parastatals on youth engagement in virtual reality tourism. He is an avid bird watcher and enjoys hiking in his spare time.